[Mono-list] FxCop?

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
03 Feb 2003 14:51:31 -0500


> * Assemblies are marked CLSCompliant ('Mono.PEToolkit' should have the 
> CLSCompliantAttribute, and its value should be true.)

We want this.

> * Assemblies have strong names (Sign 'Mono.PEToolkit' with a strong name 
> key.)
> I think we can skip this one for now, right?

Yes, skippable for now.

> * Assemblies have version numbers (Add an AssemblyVersion attribute to 
> the 'Mono.PEToolkit' assembly.)

We should add, something that matches the MS versions possibly.

> * Exceptions do not extend System.Exception (Change 
> 'BadMetaDataException' to extend either ApplicationException or 
> SystemException.)

Good for non-core assemblies.  For core assemblies (those that are
compatible with Microsoft) we have not really any option.

> * Exceptions require multiple constructors (Add a constructor with a 
> string parameter and exception parameter to custom exception 
> 'BadMetaDataException'. Add a protected constructor with a 
> SerializationInfo object parameter and a StreamingContext object 
> parameter to custom exception 'BadMetaDataException'.)
> * Exceptions are marked Serializable (Add a Serializable attribute to 
> 'BadMetaDataException'.)

We want both.