[Mono-list] Re: mono-hackers --> mono-devel-list

Adam Treat manyoso@yahoo.com
Mon, 3 Feb 2003 05:22:07 -0800 (PST)

On 02/01/03 Adam Treat wrote:
>> I don't see why this should be about 'Adam wanting to make this happen' 
>> because this concerns the entire Mono community.  Right now, mono technical 
>> discussion is going on behind a closed list that is not open to all mono 
>> developers.  This is a matter of openness.
>Technical discussions happen where people feel confortable sending the
>first mail in the thread. It doesn't matter at all if another list is
>set up, there is already mono-list that has served as a wide forum. 
>If somebody thinks a mail is appropriate for a
>wider audience than the core mono hackers, he should send it to
>mono-list until mono-devel is setup. Personally, I think there is no
>pressing need for mono-devel until the aumount of non-developer
>mail on mono-list makes the real developers unsubscribe from it:-)

Interestingly, this is the reason given for the creation of mono-hackers.  A place for developers
to discuss mono without the normal chatter on the general list.

>Something that is likely to heppen in a few months, though, with the
>first stable release of mono. Until that time, we'll enjoy your
>technical contributions on mono-list.

As has been pointed out by Miguel (to which I have answered) ... yes, I acknowledge, mono has
several lists.  Nevertheless, mono-hackers is the designated place where the technical discussion
of Mono by developers takes place.  At least this is what mono-hackers was intended to be (see
Miguel's email on the creation of mono-hackers) and was always used for when I was subscribed to
mono-hackers.  So, you see, it does not matter if I use some other forum for technical discussion,
because this still excludes me when others are using a different forum to carry on these

Let's be clear what I am asking for and why this discussion is even taking place.  I simply wish
to be included in the *technical discussion of mono* (mono-hackers is the appointed place for
this) and if Miguel wishes to have a secret list where he can discuss his secrets then so be it. 
We already settled this when the issue came up the last time.  Miguel offered to create an open
list for development discussion and I dropped it.

That list has still not been created after I have asked Miguel in private conversations for an
update.  He has now refused to create the list until I write a silly patch to GNU Mailman which I
neither know anything about nor care anything about.

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