[Mono-list] QT# or GTK# ?

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
29 Aug 2003 21:28:39 -0400


> i'd like to hear some arguments over which one is better or has the most 
> promising future.  Personally i'd prefer to use QT# because i'm a KDE user, 
> but if GTK# is better or has a better future, then i'd rather go with GTK#.
> Has anyone used them both? If so, can you please comment on the quality of 
> both?  Or if you just have any comments on which one i should use, please go 
> ahead and list them since i just want the best one and i'd like to hear from 
> people who've used either one of them or preferably both.

I wrote a summary here:


But you will have to weight each of the pros and cons yourself.

The major complaint of Gtk is typically its C-based API.  This is a
non-issue with Gtk# though.