[Mono-list] RE: mod_mono blank page

Mario Alberto Chavez chavezmarioalberto@msn.com
Fri, 29 Aug 2003 14:46:51 -0700

Hi Gonzalo;
I did notice this double-neasted comment, so I procced to delete the lines 
specified in the FAQ.txt, but I still getting a blank page.
Do you have any idea on where can I look to try figure out what is the 


El vie, 29-08-2003 a las 21:28, Mario Alberto Chavez escribió:
>I found in FAQ.txt the solution, which ask to comment the authentication 
>section in machine.conf, I did and restarted the apache, and now it shows a 
>application error page with the following message:
>Error in '/mono' Application
>Description: Error processing request.
>Error Message:
>Stack Trace:
>System.Xml.XmlException: comments cannot contain '--' Line 84, position 10.

Go to that line in machine.config. It's the stuff you just comented out.
See that it contains another <!-- inside... And fix that (ie, don't nest
comments or remove all those lines).


Mario A Chavez Cardenas

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