[Mono-list] Problem with CVS, latestmono/libgc/mips_sgi_mach_dep.S

Pierre Arnaud pierre.arnaud@opac.ch
Wed, 27 Aug 2003 15:03:57 +0200

>> This morning, CVS update breaks on Cygwin, because somehow
>> mono/libgc/mips_sgi_mach_dep.s became mips_sgi_mach_dep.S
>> and this upper case/lower case 's' makes cvs choke on Win32.
>> [...] 
> Upper-case .S has a different meaning to lower-case .s to gcc (and
> probably other compilers) - it's telling gcc to run the preprocessor on
> the file as well as the assembler.

Oh yes, I had forgotten about this small difference...

> Delete your libgc directory and try checking out (cvs checkout, not
> update) again.

It does not help either. What I hadn't seen before is that there
is both a mips_sgi_mach_dep.s and a mips_sgi_mach_dep.S in the
CVS repository !

Cygwin cannot tolerate two files with same names, where only the
case differs (.s and .S).

Could this be fixed in the CVS, please, e.g. by either renaming
one of the files, or by removing the one which has become useless
(I guess that since a .S exists, the .s is generated from it ?)

Without this, users won't be able to successfully build MONO on
Cygwin using the mono-build-w32.sh script (the CVS update fails,
and so does the script).