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Jonathan Pryor jonpryor@vt.edu
Wed, 27 Aug 2003 07:46:37 -0400

Software developed with VS.NET *can* be OS and hardware independent. 
But there's no guarantee.

To be OS independent, you have to used 100% managed code, and everything
you depend on must be (a) 100% managed code, or (b) otherwise exist on
and support all operating systems you intend to use.  Furthermore, your
resulting assembly (.dll, .exe) must not have any non-standard elements.

Thus, using System.String, System.Console, System.Xml, etc., would allow
you OS independence.  Using System.EnterpriseServices would not, as it
hasn't been implemented under mono yet.  Using System.Windows.Forms
might work; parts have been implemented under Mono, but not all of it,
so you're probably better off avoiding it at this time.

As for the "non-standard" assembly elements, if you compile your code
for the "Release" target, you should be fine.  The "Debug" target
inserts a debug segment into generated assemblies, which is incompatible
with Mono.

One of the complications with VB.NET is its dependence on the
Microsoft.VisualBasic assembly.  A few releases ago, this didn't exist
under Mono, but there is an implementation now.  I don't know how
complete it is, though..

So, in principal, you should be able to take your VS.NET-compiled VB app
and run it under mono.  You just need to make sure that:
 1. You only use mono-implemented/supported functionality (the hardest 
 2. Compile your code with the "Release" target

 - Jon

On Wed, 2003-08-27 at 06:09, nasrin karimi wrote:
> hello,
> how r u?
> i have a question:
> i want to know is the program that developed with 
> VS.Net  independent from operating system and hardware?
> i mean if i develop a program in vb.net on windows
> does it run on linux  or unix?
> i read in a book that:
> There is a language compiler that compile source code
> of program to MSIL  and MSIL Format is independent
> of any particular operating system or hardware architecture.
> thankx
> bye.
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