[Mono-list] monodoc crashes

Chris Turchin chris@turchin.net
24 Aug 2003 01:54:51 +0200


at the beginning of the week there had been some discussion about
monodoc not working  but i had not heard much about it since.  having
just updated mcs, mono, gtk-sharp, and monodoc i am still having this
problem.  monodoc starts,  the treeview  is loaded as is the content
frame. however,  clicking on the links  in the content  frame yields:


in the browser window and this on the console:

Trying: root:/monohb
| Here we should locate the provider for the   |
| link.  Maybe using this document as a base?  |
| Maybe having a locator interface?   The short|
| urls are not very useful to locate types     |

clicking on the top  node in  the treeview brings back the initial page
in the content window, all other links yield either:

Unhandled URL root:/manpages

for example, or a segfault:

/usr/local/bin/monodoc: line 31: 10936 Segmentation fault      mono
--debug browser.exe $OPTIONS $* $REST

does this have to do with a problem in monodoc or is it something
particular to my system? (i just started building from cvs and am still
not 100% confident i am doing everything right... :-)

any help would be appreciated. if i should file a bug report, just tell
me. thanks!