[Mono-list] How to add assembly reference to Mono webapp

Wil Campbell wmcampbell@infoserve.net
17 Aug 2003 18:01:38 -0700

Hi guys

Sorry to contact you directly with a support issue, but we are trying to
demo Mono as a (summer) term project tomorrow, and we've come up against
a problem.

We've created a simple web application. We defined a couple of classes
which we need to make available to all pages, so we put them in a dll
(mcs -out:bma.dll -target:library MainModel.cs Item.cs). We've placed
bma.dll in the webapp's bin directory, and added 

		<add assembly="*"/>

inside <compilation> in web.config.

However, when we attempt to <% @Import the classes in the namespace
defined in bma.dll, the pages fail with the error that the namespace
can't be found.

Could you let us know what's we missed?


Wil Campbell
Roland Messier

P.S. Sent using Evolution.