[Mono-list] Toolkits for Mono overview.

tapia tapia@eitig.com
18 Aug 2003 12:43:03 +0200

El lun, 18-08-2003 a las 01:44, Miguel de Icaza escribi=F3:
> Hey guys,
>    I wrote a small document on GUI toolkits available for developing
> applications with Mono, you can find it here:
> 	http://primates.ximian.com/~miguel/mono-toolkits.html

It's a useful document, but I miss one detail: a comparative on the
different toolkits. I mean: it's fine reading about the pros and cons on
using one toolkit, but it's not very useful if I need to decide what
toolkit use.

Maybe it would be better reading something like this:

- If you need speed and high performance in Linux, Gtk# is a good
option, because (blah blah blah)
- If you need UI portability, SWF is easier to handle

and so on.

Would it be possible? It would be great for me :-)

Thank you all.

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