[Mono-list] Fix for Monodoc treeview control issues

John BouAntoun jbouantoun@rogen.com.au
Fri, 15 Aug 2003 10:55:04 +1000

Okay Guys,

jluke and myself seem to have tracked this one down.

The culprit was a call to XmlTextWriter.Close() in the HandleTree =
(HttpContext context, string tree) method, which was originally called =
from IHttpHandler.ProcessRequest.

XmlTextWriter was being created on the Response.Output stream (in the =
line: XmlTextWriter w =3D new XmlTextWriter (context.Response.Output);).

So when we were closing the XmlTextWriter, we were also closing the =
Output stream.

>From msdn example searching, it seems that closing the response stream =
in the IHttpHandler.ProcessRequest method is a no-no, so this was =
causing the issue.

simply commenting out the w.Close(), ensured that the response stream =
wasn't being closed and all now seems well in both IE and Mozilla 1.4.

jluke could you please post this to the mono-docs-list?


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Last night while trying to troubleshoot the tree view control at =
http://mono.ximian.com:8080/ i discovered that the control seemed to =
work fine for me.

I realised that the tree view control works fine in Mozilla 1.3 Windows,

But not in Mozilla 1.4 Windows.

This leads me to believe that it may be a javascript issue (XMLhttp most =

Still doing some troubleshooting and will post more as I figure it out =
over the weekend.

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