[Mono-list] Re: Joining the Mono Effort!

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
14 Aug 2003 01:19:10 -0400

> I have been following the Mono development effort in parallel to the
> Rotor initiative (with also I have worked some bits and pieces).
> Comparing the two, I found that the work being done towards Mono
> development not only provides a good learning environment but also
> very intellectually stimulating.

Am glad to hear that Gaurav!

> I have joined the various Mono mailing lists, and would like to start
> contributing by working with Microsoft.Win32 namespace in the corlib
> assembly. I have downloaded the latest (0.25) Mono source, and would
> be working on it against .NET 1.1/WinXP to build it. Do let me know
> whom to get in touch for this assembly, and how to proceed to check in
> the source once I am done.
> Looking forward to a fruitful development for the community.

Thanks, we will be happy to assist you becoming a contributor.