[Mono-list] Unboxing values from embedded mono

Perry, James jamesp@eastcan.ca
Wed, 13 Aug 2003 10:22:16 -0300

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> We added it a while back: use mono_object_unbox() to get a pointer
> to the data:
> 	gint32 *int32p = mono_object_unbox (obj);
> 	gint32 value = *int32p;
> lupus


I've got another similar question, though. :)

I'd like to build a byte array, but I'm not sure what MonoClass object I
should be giving to mono_array_new. If I'm not mistaken
mono_defaults.byte_class is System.Byte but that's the boxed type; I'd like
send a byte[] rather than a System.Byte[] if possible.


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