[Mono-list] portable documentation on the FCL?

Toby DiPasquale toby@cbcg.net
Wed, 13 Aug 2003 08:46:22 -0400

Duncan Mak wrote:
> Lately, I've also been using Monodoc. I use it mostly as a Gtk#
> reference and it works pretty well. On top of Gtk# documentation, we
> distribute files for the FCL (BCL?) as well, based on the ECMA
> documentation (a subset of the whole MS set), along with stubs of the
> Types and methods that were in the MS set but not the ECMA set. So we
> should have all the type/method listing that MS has in their 1.0
> documentation.

Wow, I had totally forgotten about Monodoc... I downloaded it, installed it 
and then forgot all about it. Thanks for reminding me :-D Monodoc is exactly 
what I was looking for!

Tobias DiPasquale
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