[Mono-list] RE: Mono-list digest, Vol 1 #1099 - 12 msgs

John Dunbar jdunbar@dunbarco.com
Tue, 12 Aug 2003 23:21:49 -0500

>>>"Does anyone have a recommendation for a good "how to learn C#" book or
tutorial?... I prefer to learn by doing, i.e. write and implement small but
fully functional programs that are useful, and then develop from there."

You can get a FREE 120 page C# Tutorial in PDF at this web address:


For the price, you can't beat this tutorial.  It's by an Indian author who
works internationally and the web site is in Pune, India (I believe).  The
tutorial is very good.  It has some small examples that you can key in and
run.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) C# becomes a wide (or deep) subject
once you start getting into .NET.  You can write sufficiently "small but
fully functional programs" by tackling any sufficiently large project and
proceeding in baby steps.  :)

However, I think you're looking for one of those Deitel and Deitel 1,000
pager textbooks, and they go for over $60.  There are a lot of intro books
out there, the problem is finding books that cover the idiosyncracies of C#
and .NET.  I have looked at the book you must have (by Jesse Liberty) book
several times, but always purchased more specialized books (like on P/Invoke
and COM interfaces, or on GUI etc.).

Good luck,

John Dunbar