[Mono-list] Integrate GTK# into mono?

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
09 Aug 2003 11:42:29 -0400


> > Because Linux already provides a solution to the problem in the form of
> > package dependencies.  Just use your package system to install Gtk#, and
> > everything you need to build GUI apps will be pulled in for you.
> Ah! I think we may have been talking cross purposes.
> I remember reading on the mono website a few weeks ago that in order to
> use WinForms it was necessary to have Wine installed and build mono from
> the CVS source. I remember thinking at the time that this was a little
> strange as I had downloaded the GTK# RPMs a long with the mono RPMs.

That is correct.   And the reason is simple: Windows.Forms is under
heavy development.  Heavy development means that we are only getting
started, there are plenty of things changing with relatively speed and
the packaging effort has not caught up to this.

It is by no means as mature as asp.net, ado.net and so on.

> So, am I right in thinking that you do not need Wine or to build mono
> from the CVS source to use WinForms and that you only need to install
> the GTK# RPMs along with the mono RPMs?

Windows.Forms is not supported now, and will be a long time before its
ready for easy-to-use consumption.  If you are interested in developing
it, you can join us, but as a consumer of Windows.Forms, you will save
yourself a lot of grief by waiting.

You might want to consider Gtk# in the meantime though;  Specially as
it is cross-platform ;-)