[Mono-list] struct _MonoMethodSignature (metadata.h)

Paolo Molaro lupus@ximian.com
Fri, 8 Aug 2003 17:02:31 +0200

On 08/08/03 Derek Woo wrote:
> This is a newbie question. I am trying to understand the various fields of
> "_MonoMethodSignature" in "metadata.h". Other than the obvious "params" and
> "ret" type and counts, what does other fields do? E.g. "hasthis"?

You should really read the ECMA docs on method signatures, but, anyway:

*) hasthis: it's set if it's the signature of an instance method (there
is an implicit first argument, called 'this' in many programming
languages (including C#)
*) explicit_this: the this argument is explicit (ie, it's included in
the params array)
*) call_convention: one of the MonoCallConvention enum values
*) pinvoke: set when the signature is for an unmanaged function
*) param_count: number of parameters in the params array
*) sentinelpos: for vararg signatures it's the index of the first
non-fixed argument


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