[Mono-list] Mono Project - Native compiler request

Jeremiah McElroy jeremiah@facility9.com
Fri, 08 Aug 2003 07:51:49 -0400

Not to defeat the purpose of the email, but if you're concerned about 
the runtime deployment in an intranet setting, most windows boxes should 
have the runtime on them at this point. It pulls down with one of the 
service packs, if I recall.

Jan wrote:

> Hi,
> Id like to know if its possible to develop a native compiler, e.g. 
> similar to ngen.exe; The resulting project would not require the 
> runtime framework to execute; or at least only a small subset of it  
> i.e. only the methods of the runtime used are extracted at compile 
> time and included in a new static dll for deployment. Similar to 
> msvcrt etc
> My concern is that to deploy a .net application you must also deploy 
> the runtime which carries a 20MB payload.
> Regards
> Jan