[Mono-list] MacOS X Mono Hackers...

Jay Bennie jay@lincore.co.uk
Fri, 8 Aug 2003 11:13:47 +0100

very interested in this progressing and would like to take some steps to
pulling all the "what appears to be" fragments
of ppc development into one place

My plan is to get mono and #develop working on G4 & G5 hw asap whether thats
on osx or linux remains to be seen. (ideally both )

for the moment I'll set up a new site at ppc-devel.lincore.co.uk and create
content for important ppc projects that is unless there are reasonable

I'll mail the list with the new mailinglist details for the project once its
in the mean time can interested people send me links to the ppc projects
they are working on with a snippet of content / links to site etc