[Mono-list] VSIP Visual Studio Integration for Mono

Kenneth Brubaker kennethbrubaker@hotmail.com
Wed, 06 Aug 2003 09:21:12 -0500

One has to wonder, then, why you would follow Mono if you have no interest 
in .NET?

Speaking abstractly, the open source community should favor a standard held 
by an international standards body (CLI & C#) as opposed by a single vendor 
(Java). Speaking practically, the open source community should favor an 
environment where they can easily wrap all their legacy open source code 
(CLI/Interop) over one where they cannot (Java/RMI). Speaking in terms of 
self preservation, it pays to stay relevant and compatible with the, not 
800, but 1000 pound gorilla (see it's also simian!), namely Microsoft. In 
the end they call the shots. Thatís why, pragmatically, generics exist in 
the emerging Mono C#--if MS had no inclination to add generics I highly 
doubt they would be in Mono. Just a fact of life.

Following the same vein, then, most users of CLI are VS.NET users. Opening a 
wide door to them opens lots of doors for the Mono community. Personally, 
I'm a big believer in the CLI/FCL and the technologies on top of them, and I 
want to program in them regardless of what platform I am writing for. How 
much better if I can have single source/single environment solution!

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From: Radu-Adrian Popescu <radu.popescu@aldratech.com>

On Tue, 2003-08-05 at 23:14, Kenneth Brubaker wrote:
 > I was planning to implement such a system for commercial development. I
 > won't have to if the mono team does. But...do it well. Don't think small 
 > regards to Mono. While it is usefull in wrapping some less used open 
 > systems for fun, remember that it can have great utility as a java
 > replacement in corporate settings. From the "out of windows" perspective,
 > the more you can go single code-base, single development envrionment with
 > Mono/.NET the more you ensure that mono will succeed in the a commercial
 > world.

No flame wars, man, but what's up with the "replace java in corporate"
perspective ?!
I mean I for one don't like .net at all and would have tomes to speak
against it, but i don't do that except when I'm asked to...

Radu-Adrian Popescu
CSA, DBA, Developer
Aldratech Ltd.

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