[Mono-list] VSIP Visual Studio Integration for Mono

Kenneth Brubaker kennethbrubaker@hotmail.com
Tue, 05 Aug 2003 15:14:08 -0500

I was planning to implement such a system for commercial development. I 
won't have to if the mono team does. But...do it well. Don't think small in 
regards to Mono. While it is usefull in wrapping some less used open source 
systems for fun, remember that it can have great utility as a java 
replacement in corporate settings. From the "out of windows" perspective, 
the more you can go single code-base, single development envrionment with 
Mono/.NET the more you ensure that mono will succeed in the a commercial 

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Do anyone really think we need something like this, having already a
really great IDE like sharpdevelop??

El mar, 05 de 08 de 2003 a las 12:12, Ben Cooley escribió:
 > Hi All,
 > If you haven't heard, Microsoft has revised it's licencing for the
 > Visual Studio Integration SDK so that it is now free, and largely
 > unrestricted license wise.
 > http://www.vsipdev.com
 > Would anyone be interested in having Mono's Windows version integrated
 > with Visual Studio?

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