[Mono-list] issue with remoting by ref

Lluis Sanchez lluis@ximian.com
05 Aug 2003 12:46:58 +0200

On dt, 2003-08-05 at 08:14, Joe Castro wrote:
> I was wondering if there are currently any known issues with passing
> parameters by ref/out in remote objects?  I have code that works well
> Linux-Linux and Windows-Windows but interfacing the two operating
> systems gives bad results.  If I try to remotely instantiate a class
> that contains methods with ref variables mono gives an error along the
> lines of “The type is correctly named but the signature doesn’t
> match”.  If I wrap the remoting of such an object by creating some
> other remote object that in turn creates and accesses it as a proxy,
> then I get an error of IndexOutOfBounds in
> System.Runtime.Remoting.RealProxy.PropagateOutParameters.  Does anyone
> have any ideas about this?

This seems to be an interoperability problem between MS.NET and Mono.
Maybe something is wrong in the binary formatter. It would be great if
you can file a bug report in bugzilla with a simple test case.

- Lluis.

> Thanks, -Joe