[Mono-list] Help

Jonathan Pryor jonpryor@vt.edu
04 Aug 2003 07:41:18 -0400

Short answer:
  - Install Ximian Red Carpet: http://www.ximian.com/products/redcarpet/
    - Alas, I've found that this requires updating glibc on Red Hat 9,
      and every time I update glibc I damage the system (running most 
      apps results in a segmentation fault).  The fix is to boot off 
      the 1st Red Hat install CD, booting into repair mode (or whatever
      it's called), and erase the old glibc and forcibly install the new
      glibc.  I'd love to hear of the proper way to do this, though.
  - Start Red Carpet
  - Select the "mono" channel
  - Install the packages: mono, monodoc, gtk-sharp, xr
Alas, there doesn't appear to be a package for ASP.NET, so I'm not sure
what the easiest way to start with ASP.NET development is...

 - Jon

On Mon, 2003-08-04 at 04:58, vishnu wrote:
> Sir,
> I am new to Linux
> i have Redhat9.0 Linux
> Pls tell me the step to install .net in Linux
> I dont have any package for mono
> I dont know what to download 
> it would be fine if u tellme the steps that i have to do work asp.net
> on Linux
> Regards
> Vishnu