[Mono-list] Compiling daily snapshots on Windows/Cygwin

Mark Gimelfarb mark@dawebber.com
Sat, 2 Aug 2003 13:52:09 -0400

Hello, all!
I have tried compiling the latest daily snapshots on WinXp under Cygwin and 
when monoburg gets compiled and then later invoked by the make process, Windows 
pops up an error saying that monoburg crashed. On my subsequent attempts to 
compile further, I get linker errors in libgc. Once I do "make clean" and try 
another configure->make, the same process occurs.
My configuration:
WinXP SP1 (on 2.66 Mhz P4), 
MS .NET framework 1.1,
latest Cygwin(libinconv and others installed)
glib 2.2.1 from one of the Gimp sites for windows(binary cygwin version, not 
native version)
latest pkg-config
my configure line: 
./configure --prefix=c:/monocvs --with-gc=included

the line after which monoburg crashes:
(it cds into the monoburg subdir and then..)
./monoburg ./sample.brg > sample.c

At this point I get a monoburg crash and error:
make[3]: *** [sample.c] Error 128

I would appreciate any suggestions.