[Mono-list] Unboxing values from embedded mono

Perry, James jamesp@eastcan.ca
Fri, 1 Aug 2003 15:21:24 -0300

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Hi there,

I'm embedding Mono within a certain piece of software, and I'm looking at
extracting values out of return values (from functions called via
mono_runtime_invoke). The writeup on embedding mono seems to indicate that
there isn't an API to do this yet, although one is planned.

To be more complete, the functions being called will return a specific class
(or one of a set of specific classes) and I need to pull the values from
some primitive member variables (integers, bools, etc...). Basically, I'm
looking for something like mono_unbox_integer or something like that...

I've looked at mod_mono but from what I can tell it never actually looks at
any return values, instead relying on callbacks. While I could do this, I
think it would probably be somewhat ugly in this circumstance.

Can anybody recommend anything in particular to look at, or am I out of luck
(i.e., I get to write it myself:)?


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