[Mono-list] Re: System.Messaging

A Rafael D Teixeira rafaelteixeirabr@hotmail.com
Wed, 30 Apr 2003 10:55:22 -0300

>From: "David P. Bowler" <dbowler@hegemony.com>

>1. Has a particular queueing mechanism been chosen?

I'm implementing System.Messaging with a pluggable provider architeture, 
similar to JMS. But the only provider I'm currently working is for MonoQLE 
(see below).

>2. If so, which?

MonoQLE at sourceforge, that aims to be the first backend for 
System.Messaging in mono. It is a Service Project in C#.

>3. Will the windows one just natively access MSMQ?

No, the plan is to have MonoQLE available in windows too. I don't want to 
reverse-engineer MSMQ APIs and wire-protocols. Someone will just have to 
start the MonoQLE service, or configure it to start automatically.

>4. What will be used in Linux?

The MonoQLE service will run inside a linux daemon (monod), similar to the 
'Services' service of NT.

>5. Is there any thought to handrolling a native dotNet queuing mechanism so 
>that we could use the same on any platform?

I think I already answered that.

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