[Mono-list] Why GTK#?

Philippe Lavoie philippe.lavoie@cactus.ca
Tue, 22 Apr 2003 11:15:37 -0400

I'm not an expert in the diverse graphical libraries. However, the issue =
is more philosophical than anything else. Programmers are a weird bunch =
of people that often suffer from a syndrome called: "I like to use this =
because that's what I like". However, in the case of the graphical =
toolkit, the fact is that there are better technical alternatives to =
Windows.Forms. and thus the argument is less philosophical.

This means that someone used to the GTK toolkit will like to still be =
able to use it even in C#. Someone used to QT will like to use it in C# =
too. Someone used to Unix programming will generally not want to use =
Windows.Forms because it's technically inferior to GTK or QT or (put =
favorite toolkit here).=20

Some people want to use Windows.Forms because that's what Microsoft told =
some people to use (it is not clear if Microsoft use it in-house =

Mono wants it. But that's just to be able to say that they are =
implementing .NET in full. It might also help porting some application =
from windows to Unix if windows programmers have less hurdles in porting =
their application.

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I've been reading about mono for days, and still I don't understand
the need for GTK# and QT#, as opposed to windows forms.

Why not just port Windows Forms and call GTK+ or QT under the hood,
just for the rendering?

PS: I am looking forward to see SharpDevelop run on linux (without
wine). When will this happen?

Thanks for elucidations,


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