[Mono-list] Why GTK#?

Jaime Anguiano Olarra jaime@gnome.org
22 Apr 2003 17:08:20 +0200

Hi Maurizio!,

On Tue, 2003-04-22 at 16:41, Maurizio Colucci wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been reading about mono for days, and still I don't understand
> the need for GTK# and QT#, as opposed to windows forms.

Mono is implementing Windows.Forms because not everybody want to use (or
need) Gtk#, Qt# or GNOME#. In a similar way Gtk#, Qt# and GNOME# are
there because not everybody wants to use (or need) Windows.Forms. As a
matter of fact most of the people working in Mono is interested in get
Gtk# for applications and desktop development under Linux and other
*NIXes and they just want Windows.Forms for completeness (and
portability of the 'developed for Windows' code). 

> Why not just port Windows Forms and call GTK+ or QT under the hood,
> just for the rendering?

Answered above. Maybe the gurus will like to add comments or correct me



> PS: I am looking forward to see SharpDevelop run on linux (without
> wine). When will this happen?
> Thanks for elucidations,
> Maurizio
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