[Mono-list] Call for artwork (MWN)

Jaime Anguiano Olarra jaime@gnome.org
20 Apr 2003 21:07:27 +0200

	Hi all!,

	I have been trying hard and I can state that I am too bad at
'art-working'. If anyone can help me adding a better look to the MWN
page and archives (they have a new, integrated, look now
http://monoevo.sourceforge.net/mwn/archives.html it would be very
appreciated. Note that both pages are generated with C# (not ASP, but
C#), a program parses the header and then starts adding contents based
on the files it finds in certain paths. So the main thing is just to add
a nice theme for the archives by the moment and a logo instead of the
"Mono Weekly News" header.

	Thank you very much in advance,



Ps0. Freddy, I still have to fix what you metioned. Will do it tomorrow
by the time I cook the new issue.
Ps1. The new issue will be up in the site on tuesday.


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