[Mono-list] CVS problem

Paul paulf.johnson@ukonline.co.uk
17 Apr 2003 23:49:01 +0100


I downloaded from CVS last night the source to mcs, mono and gtk# (as
per the instructions on the website).

Following the readme file, I compiled mono. However, it looks like most
of the dlls required (which should be in mcs) aren't there. Further
digging found this to be the case.

I've downloaded the tar ball which the other readme file says, copied
this to /usr/local and then compiled mcs (as per the instructions).

I have 2 questions about this process.

1. Shouldn't the sources for the dlls be part of the cvs download
2. Why are the files in the tar ball all terminated with the .exe



P.S. Mono is marvellous - keep up the good work :-)
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