[Mono-list] About intellisense, mono, emacs

Maurizio Colucci seguso.forever@tin.it
Thu, 17 Apr 2003 20:47:09 +0200


I am new to mono, but have a fair experience with Visual Studio.NET
and emacs.

If one were to program a plugin for emacs which provides intellisense
(*), where would he find the declaration of members?

In other words: in C source code

#include <string.h>

you just have to parse /usr/include/string.h. You "just" need to parse
the files mentioned in the include directives.

In C#, where can I find the declarations of classes, properties,
member functions, etc?

By intellisense I mean:

1. automatically showing the members of the class when you press the
dot. Only members you have the right to access should be displayed,
i.e. only static if you are static, only public if you are outside,

2. automatically showing the parameters when you press the (.

Thank you,