[Mono-list] C# to access libical functionality

Chris Whelan cfwhelan@adelphia.net
17 Apr 2003 13:01:59 -0400


I am beginning work on a C# application that will require extensive
scheduling capabilities...so in the interest of not reinventing the
wheel I would like to wrap|access the parsing/saving, etc. functionality
that is provided by libical.  The application needs to run on windoze
but I would like to make it run under linux/mono as well.  

I guess my question is what is the best way to go about it? Can I access
the libical functionality using PInvoke?  How difficult would it be to
wrap the whole api?  I am not much of a C programmer at all and it seems
daunting to me to attempt to do this.

The other approach (and I could be way off base) that seems like it
should be viable ( for someone with the right knowledge and experience
in the Bison arena... this is not me) would be to generate the C# iCal
parsing code from the grammar required by iCal/vCal.  I know that
libical uses a yy file that is then used to generate the requisite C
parsing code, but I am not familiar enough with these tools to know if
this is truly a viable approach.

Does anyone have any suggestions or can anyone point me to information
that will assist me with this issue?  Any help will be greatly


Chris Whelan