[Mono-list] MWN issue

Jaime Anguiano Olarra jaime@gnome.org
16 Apr 2003 22:57:02 +0200

Hi Freddy!,

On Wed, 2003-04-16 at 19:48, Freddy BL wrote:
> >We have a new look for the Mono Weekly News, and a much better
> >infrastructure. So in the next week you'll be able to send news
> >candidates through the website.
> >
> >http://monoevo.sf.net/mwn/index.html    The current issue.
> Hmmm... I think this issue exists since one or two days, because I have seen 
> it since this time.

In fact it doesn't is just that I was using the index.html for the
previews as I couldn't think of anyone looking for the news since they
weren't updated in sometime.

> But to an other point:
> What is with the News of the 21.2.2003 and 28.2.2003 of the MWN-Archive 
> (http://monoevo.sourceforge.net/mwn/archives.html) ?
> Are this News lost?
> If yes:  Have everyone downloaded this two Newsletter for Offline-Reading or 
> other reasons?
> It's a pity, that there are some Newsletter are lost. :-(

No lost, simply I were terribly bussy and couldn't get them done. When I
got sometime I started working in the automatization of the process of
writing the news since, even with the tools I already have, it takes at
least one 24h day to get them done (if I am terribly lucky). Looks like
it's incredible, but it's true.

Sorry for the inconvinience, I am working on the automatization of the
news to reduce that time to a 24h day (the interview always takes a lot
of time), so we can release as we should.



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