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yoros@wanadoo.es yoros@wanadoo.es
Wed, 16 Apr 2003 19:37:26 +0200

On Wed, Apr 16, 2003 at 09:04:58AM -0700, jbkerr wrote:
> [Accidentally posted this to Mono-docs ~ sorry for the duplicate posting!]
>   I came across the Mono site a few weeks ago and would really like to
> contribute to unit testing of Mono... but I can't compile from the
> latest sources.
>   I followed the directions for AnonCVS access, read the README.building
> file in the mcs directory, and tried running the mono-build.sh script.
> The build in the mono directory shows lots of errors like
> cp ../../mcs/class/lib/Accessibility.dll . || cp
> usr/local/lib/Accessibility.dll .
> cp: cannot stat `../../mcs/class/lib/Accessibility.dll': No such file or
> directory
> cp: cannot stat `/usr/local/lib/Accessibility.dll': No such file or directory
> make[2]: [Accessibility.dll] Error 1 (ignored)
>   Well, okay, that makes sense, since the mcs build hasn't happened yet...
> but if I try to compile mcs (cd ../mcs; make -f makefile.gnu), this pops
> up:
> which: no mcs in
> (/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/X11R6/bin:/home/jbkerr/bin)
> You must have a C# compiler installed to continue.
> This is typically provided by 'mono'.
> Read INSTALL.txt for details.
>   It seems like there's a circular dependency here. The README.building
> file suggests downloading the monocharge tarball from gnome-db.org, and
> extracting mcs.exe and various dll's from it. Is this needed to break
> the dependencies and get a successful first compile?

Yes, MCS is self hosted (full bootstrapping) and you need mcs to build
mcs stuff. You can get monocharge (or the latest mono and mcs release)
and have a basic instalation of mono, then you can build the CVS.

NOTE: I always compile first mono (make) and mcs (make -f makefile.gnu) in parallel, then, when both of them finished, I install (make install) mono and install mcs (make -f makefinel.gnu install prefix=/usr/local). Following this order I ensure you that you will have mono-cvs installed :D



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