[Mono-list] Giving mono more Ram

Paolo Molaro lupus@ximian.com
Wed, 16 Apr 2003 11:18:50 +0200

On 04/16/03 Stefan Brueggemann wrote:
> I've written some code, compiled it with mcs, and wanted to run 
> it with mono. The Problem is, that the prog needs plenty of RAM (about
> some hundred megs). Under linux the program is killed by the kernel
> very fast. 
> Is there a chance to give mono some more RAM?  I remember about Java,
> where --vmargs=xy gave a program some more RAM. 
> No manpage gave me information about this.

Yes, because with mono there is no need for that.
Assuming there isn't a bug in mono that makes it allocate more memory
than actually requested, your is a kernel and system configuration issue: 
you may want to check your ulimit settings, or add more swap, or tune
the overcommit handling of the kernel, or tune the OOM killer (if that's
the one that kills the program).


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