[Mono-list] production quality asp.net

Alan Tam Tam@SiuLung.com
Mon, 14 Apr 2003 21:18:46 +0800

I don't think so. I tried test my app with 3 ppl browsing around and finally I
got about 30 apache processes there after we've been idle for long. In the
time, I got about 5% of the pages error (I don't use session anyway so loading
the same page shan't be error sometimes). I also often got some page fail to
refresh (I think it is cached somewhere even the real contents changed.)

On the other hand, apart from xsp, you also have to look at whether the
assemblies you are using have been completely implemented or not.


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Hi all,

First let me say WOW! ASP.NET on Linux is frikin cool.  .NET on Linux is cool;
you guys rock.

Is the ASP.NET portion of Mono stable enough to run a production website on?
I've been developing MS (ASP.NET) apps for a while now and would love to switch
to Mono (ASP.NET) as soon as it is even remotely production ready so I can run
all my stuff on Linux.

I've been just hanging out on the list trying to figure out how I may be able
to pitch in and hoping someone else would ask this question before me.  After
running the Mono hello world sample on Linux I just got SUPER excited and had
to ask.

Chris Townsend
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