[Mono-list] fink package & .info for mono 0.23 (w/o gc) for OS X

Brice D Ruth brice@webprojkt.com
Sun, 13 Apr 2003 14:59:27 -0500


I've fiddled with the fink package description for mono and created a 
adapted the existing one for 0.22 to one that works for 0.23 and builds 
a mono that actually *works* ... this was done basically by setting 
--with-gc to 'none'.

I've included the contents for the .info file (below) and posted a 
pre-compiled .deb to:


Hope this helps others interested in mono on OS X ... I've done *no* 
testing of this - it basically runs a 'hello world' c# app. But, since 
to compile that, mint had to run mcs, I'm guessing its in *decent* shape 
at least!

Here's the .info - save to a mono-0.23-1.info file in 
/sw/fink/dists/local/main/finkinfo and run 'fink install mono' or 'fink 
update mono' if you've previously installed 0.22 from the unstable tree.

Package: mono
Version: 0.23
Revision: 1
Source: http://go-mono.com/archive/%n-%v.tar.gz
Source-MD5: a3d65cde58a14e9f2353fa20fa492ab1
Depends: dlcompat-shlibs (>= 20020929), glib2-shlibs (>= 2.0.4)
BuildDepends: dlcompat-dev (>= 20020929), glib2 (>= 2.0.4)
BuildDependsOnly: true
Homepage: http://go-mono.com/
Maintainer: Benjamin Reed <ranger@befunk.com>
Description: The Mono CIL engine
ConfigureParams: --mandir=%p/share/man --with-gc=none
SplitOff: <<
  Package: %N-dev
  BuildDependsOnly: true
  Depends: %N (>= %v-%r)
  Files: <<
DescDetail: <<
The Mono runtime implements a JIT engine for the CIL virtual machine
(as well as a byte code interpreter, this is to quickly port it to
new systems), the class loader, the garbage collector, threading
system and metadata access libraries.

On Darwin currently only the interpreter (mint) is supported; the
mono JIT only works on x86 platforms.
License: LGPL