[Mono-list] Re: bug report for new JIT

Luis Fernandez luifer@onetel.net.uk
Wed, 9 Apr 2003 13:59:01 +0100

> > > My suggestion is to modify mcs to produce the same code as csc, which
> > > should be easy to implement.
> >
> > But this would not solve the issue, since one can always write the
> > (correct) IL code mcs currently produces and the bug resurfaces.
> Well, "correct" is the wrong word - this is just how you define correct
> behaviour. I think using the C# compiler to handle the issue is much
> cleaner solution that implementing those strange hidden runtime
> features.


If this fix is implementet at the compiler level, would programs compiled
with MS .NET be able to run on MONO? Also, how have other 3rd party
languages compliers targeting MS .NET have resolved the issue? I guess any
approach chosen should still garantee cross platform IL compatibility.