[Mono-list] System.ServiceProcess.ServiceBase

Mark Derricutt mark@talios.com
Wed, 09 Apr 2003 23:47:25 +1200

Not sure if this sent before - pine dicided to lock up on me :(

On Tue, 8 Apr 2003, A Rafael D Teixeira wrote:

> I stubbed System.ServiceProcess some weeks ago (it's in the cvs), because
> I'll need it too, for MonoQLE server, but I didn't have the time to 
> it further, yet. I also stubbed System.Configuration.Install as needed by
> the code generated by  the Visual Studio wizard.

Cool - I'll check out the CVS version then, the install stuff could be
interesting as well, as I'll be keen on building some form on windows
installer as well ( preferably all from linux ).

> Probably you'll be able to compile, but surely it won't run, for now. Care
> to help us develop these namespaces?

If it compiles fine, it should suffice for what we currently need ( with
it still running on a windows host ).  I'll take a look a the services
stuff in cvs, not sure if I'll be much use thou, so far I'm only a week or
two into really using C# :)

What sort of services framework do we want to provide to mono/linux?  We
were discussing this in the office this afternoon, possibly implement the
ServiceBase class to provide base functionality that'll fork and daemonize
itself, and handle ( pass over to the implementing subclass ) the
appropriate start/stop/restart messages ( kill -HUP or process.exe
--restart style ).