[Mono-list] Mercury on Mono

Paolo Molaro lupus@ximian.com
Mon, 7 Apr 2003 17:04:01 +0200

On 04/07/03 Fergus Henderson wrote:
> Using Mono 0.23 on Debian Linux, I have tested several cases by
> hand, making use of Mercury features such as parametric polymorphism,
> backtracking, and higher-order code, and they all work fine.  My next step
> is running the full Mercury test suite... currently that is underway.

Thanks. If you (but also anyone that writes compilers that target the
CLR) can provide a tarball with the test regression suite that we can
easily run, we can add it to the corpus of software that gets tested
periodically. This is important as we add new optimizations to the jit,
for example, so that we can run all the tests with all the optimizations
enabled, or with special combinations that usually don't get tested.
Having a makefile that accepts a test tearget and uses a RUNTIME
variable that we can invoke with:
	make test RUNTIME=xxx
would be best:-)

> (The results so far look reasonably good, although there are still
> quite a lot of failures -- of the first 185 tests, about 30% failed.
> I haven't yet analyzed the causes of the failures.)

Ok, not bad, but still quite a bit of work to do...
Please, keep us posted and let us know about how to reproduce the bugs.

> This is all using a version of the Mercury library for .NET that was built
> on Windows, and using the Portable.NET version of ilasm to assemble each
> test (because the Mono ilasm didn't work).

I don't think the mono ilasm is still ready for wide testing, but
Jackson may be able to write a summary of the status of it.

> 	- Attempting to run "mono" on a DLL rather than an EXE
> 	  results in a poor (confusing) error message -- in some
> 	  cases, an assertion failure.

Ok, I fixed this in mini.

> 	- The most recent version of Mono's "ilasm" that I could find
> 	  was "Mono ILasm compiler version".  Is that the
> 	  current version?  Is there a newer version?

The stuff in cvs has that version number, but I think it has been
changed a lot since the last release, check the ilasm directory in the
mcs module.



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