[Mono-list] Re: German Localisation of Mono(I want to start)

Gueven Bay guevenbay@tharidium.de
Sun, 6 Apr 2003 09:43:10 +0200

Hi Guys!

Yesterday I posted following message:

>Dear Developers of Mono,
>On your web-site I tried to find a link to a German version
>of the site,the documentation an so on. I don't succeed :-(
>Is there any working group for the translation of the Mono website, the
>documentation and the software to the German language?
>Where can I find their web-site or how can I get contact to them?(Where is
>the link on your site?)
>I Thank You for taking time and reading my mail

Because I got no answer to my questions I think there is no German version
of the web-site of Mono.

If it is OK to you then I will start working on the translation of the site,
the documentation and so on!?

Please let me know, if it is OK!