[Mono-list] Problems with asynchronous web requests

Ivan Hawkes blackhawk@ivanhawkes.com
Wed, 30 Oct 2002 05:57:14 +0100

Jason Boutwell wrote:

>Has anyone else had a problem making asynchronous web requests using the
>Mono runtime?
>I tried the sample code on the MSDN site, which works fine on the MS
>runtime, but fails on Mono. It appears that you can't make an
>asynchronous Stream.BeginRead() call from within another BeginRead. Not
>sure exactly. My knowledge of the .Net threading model is limited.
>I filed a report on bugzilla, but was just curious if anyone else had
>noticed this behavior. It seems a fairly significant threading problem
>to me.
I have definitely had threading related issues with the XSP web server. 
The code I am trying to port (slowly, it's my spare time) uses the XML 
libraries to XSLT some XML into nice little web pages. The code to do 
this doesn't return from a system call (into the XML lib) until after 
the thread (or whatever) returns with an error. Net result, calls to 
transform XML do not work. NOTE: I haven't tried this in a few weeks so 
it may be fixed.