[Mono-list] ASP.Net

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
31 Oct 2002 11:54:42 -0500


> I am an ASP.Net developer and would like to test my applications on
> mono. I am fairly new to linux but would love to host my asp.net
> applications on linux and not MS IIS. As far as contributing to the
> project I would only be able to supply the issues I come accross while
> trying to get my applications to run.

More likely the upcoming release of Mono will have something easy to
install for you to try on.  The current state of ASP requires a lot of
expertise to get it working.

You definitely want to wait for us to get another release out, and iron
out the little problems. 

As for your help, it will be very welcomed.  We need people who can
submit good bug reports, and investigate the sources of the problem, so
the developers can be more productive.  So any kind of assistance you
can provide will aid the project.   Documentation, tests, regression
tests, documentation, bug reports, documentation are some examples of
things you can do.

> 1) Install whatever on RedHat
> 2) Setup whatever web server and copy my compiled code behind dll (bin
> directory) and my aspx files to the web server.
> 3) Edit the web.config (is ADO.Net up enough to just put my MS SQL
> connection string here, The SQL Server is on the same IP sub net as
> the redhat box)
> 4) Start browsing my application.
> Is mono at a place where this can be done?

Yes, but you need to wait a little, there is no release currently that
would allow you to do this easily, we are on the case though.

But you can still help us in other areas while we work on getting this

> Is there any documentation clear enough for a windows admin to set
> this up and test?

What will happen is that you will just download a Linux package, install
it, and perform the four or so steps you listed above.