[Mono-list] glib2, configure and Mac OS X

Brian og Louise brianlouise@mail.dk
Wed, 30 Oct 2002 19:34:30 +0100

Hello all

Since there is a certain lack of instructions on getting mono running on 
Mac OS X, I thougt I would throw my self at the task and see how far I got.

First of I downloaded the 0.16 version of the distribution, and noted that 
it required glib version 2, which I then downloaded from the GTK website. 
This again required pkgconfig (using version 0.14.0), which fortunatly is 
part of fink for OS X. So after downloading and installing fink I went to 
the task of trying to compile glib2.

This did not go so well ... as in it failed. To make a long story short it 
missed the library "libiconv" and the header files "libintl.h" and "iconv.h".
Since I am not so well known around the gnu auto tools and especially in 
combination with Mac OS X, I went about it in the following way:

Since all the above mentioned files is part of fink I just made symbolic 
links from them to /usr/lib and /usr/include, where I guessed configure 
would look. This is done as follows:

(pwd == /usr/lib/)
sudo ln -s /sw/lib/libiconv.2.0.4.dylib libiconv.dylib

(pwd == /usr/include/)
sudo ln -s /sw/include/libintl.h libintl.h
sudo ln -s /sw/include/iconv.h

This is how far I have come at this point in time, since now the make 
process is complaining!
But if anybody want to have a go at getting mono up and running on OS X, 
this is a start, and hopefully somebody on this list can tell me if this is 
the right direction or not.

Regards Brian