[Mono-list] MS.VB.DLL

Ben Clewett Ben@roadrunner.uk.com
Wed, 30 Oct 2002 09:37:10 +0000

Dear Mono,

I am trying to get a 'Hello World' to work under VB.NET.  I can get the 
same code to work from C# perfectly.  In both cases using MS VS.NET for 
full code generation.

However, anything I do in VB complaines I need the DLL:

I have no reference to this name space, and can't find any system reference.

The excelent Mono FAQ states clearly that vb.net code does work, yet I 
can't make it do so.

If anybody has got some vb.net to run under Mono, I would be interested 
in hearing from them, and knowing how they did it.


Ben Clewett, B.Clewett@roadrunner.uk.com