[Mono-list] Threads max out at 512?!?

Erik C eriksl2@yahoo.com
Mon, 28 Oct 2002 18:37:58 -0800 (PST)

hey all just a warning...I'm a total newbie to
C#/mono/threads. I'm trying to write this a stupid
port scanner (it is very badly written BTW) and mono
allways dies when I try to make any more than 512
threads...is this normal, a mono issue, or a platform
issue? (it works in VS.NET on win2k)...is this the
correct list to be writting to? Is there an IRC room
or a message board that I should be asking this in

mono .16, Redhat 7.3

my compile line:
mcs -checked Scanner.cs ScanObject.cs -t:exe -o

my error:

my horrible source code:

TIA to anyone that can help,

p.s. some of the source is ripped from tutorials...

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