[Mono-list] Re: Request For Assistance with Windows.Forms

Francesco Delfino pluto@tipic.com
Mon, 21 Oct 2002 11:48:23 +0200

I just updated from CVS and I found a System.Windows.Forms directory, which
Under each ot them, we have distinct .sln files.
Now, the idea is to implement a common runtime (System.Windows.Forms,
System.Windows.Forms.Design, and System.Resources dir) and then bindings to
Gtk and WINELib, or the directories are just supposed to be used for storing
class "interfaces" to pick, copy in Gtk and WINELib dir and then fill-in the
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"Miguel de Icaza" <miguel@ximian.com> wrote in message
> Hello John!
> > In CVS we currently have most of the System.Windows.Forms classes
> > stubbed out. Our WineLib implementation can now do a few simple tasks
> > and there is a good foundation for implementing the rest of the
> > System.Windows.Forms namespace.
> >
> > The Control class is the base class for most of the Windows control
> > classes in Windows.Forms and it has most of the implementation in place.
> > If anyone like to "claim" ownership of one or more of the Windows
> > control classes and fill in the implementation there are several classes
> > available. The stubbed-out classes are in place. You will just need to
> > fill in the Win32 implementation.
> Is it possible to build the Windows.Forms package on Windows?
> Since the WineLib code is effectively the Win32 implementation, we
> should probably provide some way of compiling it and testing it on
> Windows.
> Miguel
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