[Mono-list] SymmetricTransform update

Sebastien Pouliot Sebastien Pouliot <spouliot@videotron.ca>
Sun, 20 Oct 2002 14:21:50 -0400

I've commited the DES, RC2 and TripleDES versions using the
SymmetricTransform class.
So now Mono passes 120 (from 102 yesterday) out of 189 tests.

what's fixed
- DES (i forgot to setup the key)
- TripleDES (implemented using 3 DESTransform objects)

what's still not working
- Rijndael decryption with block size 192 and 256
- CFB mode

what's (still ;-) seems not supported in the MS Framework
- CFB mode (in Rijndael)
- OFB mode (for every cipher)
- CTS mode (for every cipher)
? does anyone know (or have a book) describing these two modes in .NET ?

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