[Mono-list] CVS Files to rename

Tim Coleman tim@timcoleman.com
Sat, 19 Oct 2002 19:04:24 -0400


As I mentioned on IRC, I would like some files renamed in CVS.
The files are all in Mono.Data.TdsClient.Internal.

Could you please rename
TdsCommInternal.cs -> TdsComm.cs
TdsConnectionParametersInternal.cs -> TdsConnectionParameters.cs
TdsInternal.cs -> Tds.cs
TdsPacketTypeInternal.cs -> TdsPacketType.cs
TdsServerTypeInternal.cs -> TdsServerType.cs
TdsVersionInternal.cs -> TdsVersion.cs

In other words, all of the cs files need the word "Internal"
removed from their names.  The reason they were named "Internal"
is because originally there were going to be classes with the
same name in two different namespaces, and it seemed convenient
rather than specifying the namespace.  This is now a moot point.

If you need me to do anything to make this happen, let me know.


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