[Mono-list] laus stultitia

Michael Poole poole@troilus.org
18 Oct 2002 14:30:25 -0400

Hans Van Wesenbeeck writes:

> > Would you clarify whether you complain about the use of
> > jargon, or the use of the technology it describes?

> The terminology that is being adopted, without questioning the
> motivations behind the technology it describes. My question is really
> how a technology that once again finds its justification in the
> dissemination of software in binary form can be compatible with an open
> source model, especially when this dissemination model results in an
> incredible penalty in terms of performance and complexity, leave alone
> the effort it takes to bring it about. I question the meaningfulness and
> motivation behind JIT compilation and dissemination of software in
> bytecode format.  

Source code portability on a weakly specified platform is not a
smaller complexity problem than bytecode portability -- it is
demonstrably *more* of a problem.  You can easily find articles on
performance that argue either for or against bytecode.

You are not raising issues with the terms being used; you are raising
issues with the platform.  Bytecode vs source code distribution is an
advocacy issue, and probably doesn't belong on the (usually technical
rather than political) Mono mailing list.