[Mono-list] laus stultitia

Michael Poole poole@troilus.org
18 Oct 2002 10:34:02 -0400

Hans Van Wesenbeeck writes:

> Jargon typically comes about to create an artificial barrier between an
> in-crowd and the outside world. "Do you speak M$?"  Terminology comes
> about to effectively communicate ideas. It seems to me it is the latter
> we should be after.

I think here _you_ are drawing an artificial distinction.  The
(applicable) definition of jargon is "specialized technical
terminology characteristic of a particular subject" (from WordNet).

While there is value in identifying and countering closed-source or
other "bad" jargon, please do not use "jargon" itself to mean "bad
jargon," since that is not a meaning used in the wider community.